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Permavent ECO Breather Membrane



Weight 90 g/m2
Water tightness class w1
Water vapour transmission (sd) 0.02 m
Maximum tensile force (MD) 200 N/50mm
Maximum tensile force (CD) 150 N/50mm
Elongation at max. tensile force (MD) 65%
Elongation at max. tensile force (CD) 55%
Resistance to tearing MD (nail shank) 100N
Resistance to tearing CD (nail shank) 90N
Resistance to penetration of air <0.1 m="" sup="">3/(m2h50Pa)
Roll size: 1m x 50m  & 1.5m x 50 m & 1m x 20m 50m2, 75 m2 , 20 m2
Number of rolls per pallet 83, 35 & 160

* Other roll sizes are available upon request

Permavent ECO breather membrane is manufactured using the very latest technology from the medical industry to encapsulate the highest grade hydrophobic film and produce the most breathable 3 layered breather membrane in Britain. Permavent membranes perform at such high levels that they compare only with higher weight membranes in the same way that steel and tungsten compare.

Permavent ECO is the only hydrophobic film breather membrane to be designated as Air-Permeable by the BRE/269-443. Over 6.5million metres of Permavent ECO was installed last year on commercial, local authority and domestic applications throughout the whole of the UK without a single complaint or rectification.

It is a legal requirement of the British Standards (BS5250) and therefore the building control department (LABC) that all breather membranes that are used to control condensation in the roof space must be tested and therefore covered by these certificates. The NHBC have indicated a preference toward the use of breather membranes with Air permeable qualities.

Below is a comparison chart that shows how Permavent ECO breather membrane compares with similar products. These results are from the BBA's independent tests.

Don&Low Dalpro Proctor Roofsheild Juta Jutadach
Base weight 90 125 175 122
Tensile strength 161.5 6.35* 230 217.5
Elongation 70.5% 40.5%* 37.5% 51%
Nail tear 160 100 143 151
Breathability 1960 1388 2409 1065
Water tightness 527 pass 114 577
Vapour resistance 0.11 0.15 0.09 0.19

Complete details are available on our full comparison chart available by post or www.permavent.co.uk. Complete results available on www.bbacerts.co.uk. *test variation

Dalpro  and Jutadach products have the same performance as, Cromar vent3 classic, Harcon VPU,  Mercury VapRfree, Grafter, TileR, Roof TX 

Permavent ECO uses a special hydrophobic film that cannot become blocked by slate debris or suffer the reverse affect of static condensation.

The performance of many membranes is reduced when the layers are stuck together but the special 3-to-1 thermal bond of Permavent ECO creates a durable breather membrane that cannot delaminate.

High-grade materials combined with the worlds most advanced production shows that the lighter weight, strength and elasticity of Permavent ECO means that it can be used in any application to improve the performance of an existing membrane.

Permavent ECO is suitable for all types of roof construction including: cold non vented, warm roofs, traditional vented roofs and hybrid roofs (room in the roof). 

Permavent ECO is also suitable for the Scottish roofing practice and is suitable as house wrap in timber frame construction.  





Following the success of the Queen’s award winning Easy Verge, here at Permavent we are proud to announce the launch of the recently developed Easy VergeTrim. This latest addition to the Easy Roof System has been specially designed to meet the requirements of the Scottish and refurbishment markets.